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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Circulating smellies

Last night I went to a charity "do" and like all charity events it involved a raffle.  I've organised many such events myself and I know that a request for raffle prizes is the cue for a rifle through last year's unwanted Christmas presents.  The stationery which looks great in the pack (but not so good with a letter written on it), the whisky marmalade (where the whisky ruins the marmalade and the marmalade ruins the whisky) and the lavishly packaged smellies are handed in with sighs of relief that at last the donor has got rid of them.  I know that's how it is; I've been the raffle organiser, I've been the recipient of unwanted presents and doubtless I've been the donor of other unwanted presents.  And far, far worse I've been the person carrying those "treasures" home again.

And that's just how it was last night.  I won this pretty parcel and I know I will never use it.  I like plain toiletries and lavender with cassis isn't a pong I want to have around me.  I'm trying to declutter my house so this package will not be finding a resting place in my home.

Instead it will be going to Romania.  A local charity takes all sorts of things from blankets to bubble bath and my smellies will be going out there.  I could have sent them to Women's Aid, or SallyAnn, both of which I understand would receive them gratefully.

And I've written a memo to self - don't give expensively packaged smellies as presents.


  1. You certainly made me smile, never a truer word said. Such a shame about all those unwanted gifts, on the bright side charitable organisations usually benefit.

  2. :) Yes, I try not to give those sorts of things unless the recipient has sent me to get it specifically. Reminds me of my great-grandmother who lived to be 102 and died with the top of her closet filled with unopened boxes of bath powder! You make me smile, Mary, and good for you to make good use of these unwanted things.

  3. So good that we can pass on these nice, but sadly unwanted, gifts.

  4. giving people smellies always seems like a good idea at the least it raised money for the charity!