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Sunday, 8 March 2015


Today I went to Croxton.  That makes me very unusual!  Not many people go to Croxton.  Even fewer live there.  In 2011 (the last census) 36 people lived there.

Croxton Church from the south
People do pass through Croxton but they don't realise it because it's a blink-and-you've-missed-it sort of place.  It's a couple of miles from Humberside International Airport and I'll bet you didn't realise that Humberside had an international airport!

Croxton Church from the north
Anyway, I digress.  Croxton has one of those lovely little churches which hide in most English villages.  And no-one from Croxton goes to it!  However, a lot of people from other places do go there as Croxton still has the old traditional service, so I'm not on my own.  

I feel immensely privileged that even in retirement I can lead the worship of God.
Yes, the wobbly picture is the one taken by me


  1. Thank you so much for saying a prayer for my Dad, my family were so thrilled. I did know Humberside airport was an international one, but alas never heard of Croxton. The church looks pretty impressive.

  2. It's beautiful! Reminds me of Ireland but as you can imagine, since Ireland is the only place on your side of the world I've been to it's the closest thing I have to compare in my mind.

    You've now made me want to visit this lovely church! And the idea of it being in a very tiny town makes it all the more appealing.

  3. What a lovely church! When I was in England back in 2005 I wanted to visit some of the village churches however, our plans didn't allow. I did get to go to the church that my son-in-laws grandparents are buried at and we rambled around the church yard and looked at the old headstones and peered in the window of the church but it was closed. I also spent a good deal of time staying away from the stinging nettle. Last summer, when my daughter and her family were there, my son-in-law's brother married in that church and Bean was in the wedding party. I got to see pics of the interior of the church and it was just lovely -- I wish I could have seen it myself.