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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Living in a parallel universe

I seem to be living in a parallel universe as far as money is concerned

When I was younger money was money was money.  It all seemed so simple.  I had my salary paid into the bank each month and then I spent most of it.  I chose what to buy.   I got a bit of “divi” if I shopped at the co-op or a few Green Shield stamps (anybody else remember those?) on petrol but that was about it.

Then marketing became so much more sophisticated and businesses wanted to know a lot more about how I spend my money so they give me a loyalty card which was scanned at the till when I paid for whatever I was buying.  It might be called a Clubcard, an Advantage Card or some other such thing but basically I was offered a small percentage back in return for information about how I spend my money.   I could then spend that in the same store. 

Then it became even more complicated.  I could get more than the face value of those loyalty points by exchanging them for specified goods which might be from the same store or not.  And I could collect loyalty points from other companies and add them onto my basic loyalty card. 
Today I have felt that I am indeed living in a financial parallel universe.  This morning I spent some considerable time sorting out a vegetable plant order from Thompson and Morgan to be paid for using Tesco vouchers.  And this evening I have been sorting things on my energy account (Eon) so that I get Tesco points on gas and electricity.  (I hasten to add that I check the prices of utilities regularly and the points do not form part of my calculations.)  

It would appear that this year my runner beans will be running on electricity.


  1. I too remember green shield stamps, I used to love browsing the catalogue.

  2. I remember Green Shield Stamps, my nana collected them.

  3. Love it - just imagining electricity running up the bean sticks and making the beans grow bigger! You are right though, in that all these financial things are all getting more and more intertwined, like the beans, and just a bit complicated!!