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Sunday, 29 March 2015


It's not often I go to Brocklesby.  Apart from Carol Services, Harvest Festivals and the like the only services at Brocklesby are on the fifth Sunday of any month.  It stands in the grounds of Brocklesby Hall and it is a glorious church.

Opposite the stall where I sit for much of the service is this fantastic tomb.  It belongs to Sir William Pelham who died in 1629.  There he lies with his wife and fourteen of their children as well as three more who died in infancy.

Behind the priest's stall is another fine tomb, this one dating back to Elizabethan times.  The Sir William Pelham with a more modest sized family!

 Today the thoughts of the congregation were on another death as we first heard about Jesus's entry on a donkey on Palm Sunday, and then read a dramatised version of the Passion in which everyone took part.

Christ had only a humble tomb, and a borrowed one at that.  Both the Tudor and the Stuart Sir Williams are still tucked in their grand tombs.  Today we started on that special annual remembrance that no tomb could imprison Christ for ever


  1. And a warm blessing on Palm Sunday. Beautiful church.

  2. that is a wonderful church, with a lot of history.

  3. Beautiful photos -- gorgeous church. It looks like you had a blessed Palm Sunday. Yesterday was a special day for me, I got a beautiful card from a good friend! I love the daffodil and the Celtic cross -- spoke to my very soul. Thank you so much for thinking of me.