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Friday, 20 March 2015

Cards for the Spring

I went to see Mandy aka Dunholme Crafter today  Mandy is wonderful.  She let's us play with her lovely crafty toys and we come away with lovely crafty cards.  Here are today's creations.


  1. They certainly are beautiful cards.

  2. Mary, these are lovely! I am afraid I might be getting the paper crafting bug from you -- doing these sorts of things requires a lot of equipment I would imagine -- but they are so much nicer than what you can find out in the stores these days.

    1. What do you mean you are afraid you might be catching the crafting bug?! It's the best bug in the world to catch! I'm making Easter cards at home today.

  3. I agree that crafting is a good bug - there are a lot worse bugs that could be caught. I might try my hand at some cards -- I like sending cards and I do like small projects. I don't think I am as creative as you are though -- your projects are lovely.