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Monday, 12 January 2015


I had a telephone call from Bonnie on Saturday.  Her granddaughter had been and had received the letter which I sent her, care of Bonnie.  (See previous post.)

When she first saw it she was a little suspicious.  “I’ve never had a letter in the post before.  Who is it from?” 

“You’d better open it if you want to know that.”  I’d written my surname on the envelope so that Bonnie would know it was a safe letter.

So the letter was opened.

Apparently the little girl couldn’t believe it.  She’s never had a real letter, hand-written to her.  I had made the card myself, and written a very short note thanking her for looking after me at lunch when I went to visit Bonnie.  The letter is destined for her treasure box.

This seems like a good place for a small update.  Back in September I wrote to Tesco to congratulate the store manager on the excellent service which I received from a member of his staff.   I never updated you on that one but I had a letter back from the manager saying that the young man concerned had received an “excellence in service” award as a result of my letter.

Writing thank you brings me great pleasure.


  1. Its nice to know people still write, I try to pop a note in the post to family just to let them know I am thinking of them occasionally. Unfortunately the cost of postage makes writing a lot of letters restrictive, its cheaper to send an e-mail. Sad but true. Nice to know the young man at Tesco was given an award.

  2. I am sure the little girl was thrilled-- we really should send more things through the mail. Speaking of, I will be sending your letter very soon now. Good news about the young employee -- we just never know what comes from our actions, do we?

  3. This post is unbelievably delightful and yet, oh my, I am saddened that a 10 year old girl (I think you said she was about 10) has never received a letter. You must feel like you've done a wonderful WONDERFUL thing for her. I'm just in shock. Now I think I will be mailing a note to my niece this week. Just to say hello and such. Wow.

    1. She's had e mails, cards, printed stuff and whatever, but never had anyone bother to make her a card, write a letter as though she were an adult and post it. For myself I know that whatever I did as a child it was mother who got the letters which might congratulate her on my behaviour! I've sent letters to many children and in almost every case it has been the first thank you letter they have received.

    2. Ah, I see. Still very very cool. I'm pretty sure I had a pen pal by the time I was ten so I had gotten an actual letter in the mail. Haha, one thing is for sure though I certainly hadn't received an e-mail at the age of ten seeing as e-mail had hardly even begun by then. (mail is just so much more special... always was always will be)

  4. FC this is so sweet! I love writing letters or sending cards to children. They get so excited and receive so much pleasure from having something in the post that is theirs and theirs alone :-)
    ~ Pru