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Thursday, 29 January 2015

From the album

I've been looking though my collection and have found a few pictures which I'd like to share.

This first is of my grandmother with her husband and two of her four children.  I think it must be from 1918 because my mother, the little girl in the picture was born in January 1917 but grandad was still away at the front, hence the inset photo.  The little boy was my uncle just two years older than my mother.

Moving on a few years in this photograph left to right it is my aunt (mother's younger sister), mother's aunt, her big brother (shown as a 3-4 year old in the picture above), grandma, grandad and mother's younger brother.  I just love grandad's hat!

I think this must be around 1950.  The gentleman is my grandfather.  It was taken at the front of the house I have been writing about.


  1. How blessed you are to have some wonderful photographs of your relatives from times gone past. Unfortunately we have so few of my Grandparents and none at all of their families. Wonderful memories.

  2. I just love these photos! It is so good to see faces to put to the names you are writing about. Ad the house.....!!!