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Monday, 1 December 2014

Starting the month feeling smug

I’m feeling a bit smug.  Sorry about that, but I’ve just come back from posting my UK Christmas cards.  The overseas ones went last week and I have some which will be delivered by hand.

I love making Christmas cards but my style has had to change considerably over the past few years since pricing in proportion came in for the Royal Mail.  No more layered cards as that makes for very expensive postage.  My cards now are much simpler.

I also received my first card today.  So somebody must be feeling even smugger than me!

(All the pictures are of my home made efforts.)


  1. I love them! I always used to make mine and I always make a few each year but I am RATHER behind this year!x

  2. Wow, you beat me to it! For the past several days in fact I've been wondering if there was a proper time to send them out. I think I will head to the post office today after having read that yours are sent :) I have about half of mine made, written, and addressed. Those can go out today I suppose.

  3. The cards look lovely, you are way in ahead of me!

  4. Well done you, they look wonderful. I haven't posted mine yet but they are already to go.

  5. Love your cards. I also make cards each year, but mine are more or less made from re-cycled bits. So, they might not look quite as sophisticated as yours.

    1. Isn't it fun! You might be surprised how many recycled bits there are on those cards and I am also lucky enough to have friends who have the same hobby and we share each others punches and stamps. I find the most expensive bit is the mounts.

  6. Great cards, Mary. Hope you enjoy making one or two more on Saturday. Mx

  7. They are lovely! I can't wait to open mine today! And, yours is the only one I have received so far.