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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Santa's sack

I've got very little close family, just a nephew living in Belgium and a very elderly aunt living here in Caistor.  However, I am well blessed with cousins and I am blessed with kind, generous wonderful cousins.

I made this sack today for one of my cousins and his wife, children and grandchildren.  During the past year I have been making and buying all sorts of little bits and pieces, many of which I have wrapped already.  This sack is for everybody to open, not on Christmas Day, but on a day when the whole family is present and it can be shared.

The green corduroy and the gingham fabric are from my stash and the trim is the border from a cheap throw which I bought to use as a thin wadding when quilting.  I'm hoping that when it is full it will look very exciting!


  1. Love the sack, the trimming is perfect, such a great idea I have done something similar for my daughter but used a basket.

  2. What a lovely idea to have something for everyone to open

  3. The loveliest thing is making the sack and planning the contents. However much fun they )both adults and children) get, they can't have more fun than me!

  4. what a good idea! I am going to have to think about buying things through the year, as well, so December isn't such a rush.

  5. Green and red always look so festive.