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Monday, 8 December 2014

Getting a little more creative

I'm sorry I haven't published a Pause in Advent yet.  I may have to miss this week as the piece I wrote wasn't really satisfactory and it may be better to hang on until next Sunday.

Anyway, 'tis the season to be crafting and today I've been on a Christmas creativity work shop.  First we made a couple of cards

Then we made a pomander.  I enjoyed doing this as I'd wanted to make one since I saw them on Blue Peter at least fifty years ago!

We made a pretty (fabric) gift bag and I'm now wondering just how to fill it.

And we also made some fairy lights which I didn't get finished and I'm not going to let you see them until I do!

I've had a lovely day and I'm going to have a lovely early night.


  1. Lovely cards, there's nothing better than a day of crafting :)

  2. What a fun filled day, there is nothing nicer than a craft day. The cards are a real delight and I loved the pomander, it will smell delicious as time goes by.

  3. I was thinking about those pomanders this week. At this time of the year, my mum's airing cupboard was fragrant with them! Maybe I'll have a go with the boys x

  4. I really like the cards -- and I have always wanted to make one of those pomanders as well -- who knows, maybe I will get crafty too -- as soon as I finished the baby quilt I can't quite seem to find time to finish!

  5. I'm not very good at crafts but pomanders I have made! In fact, I have a bowl of them that dates back at least 15 years and they still give off a (faint) scent. I imagine one could get oil of cinnamon and refresh them a little. Not oil of cloves though. Reminds one of toothache.