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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Street Party

It was  the town street party yesterday so I went to the market square to have a look.  There’s been a street party here each year since 1997 which was the hundredth birthday of the lion water fountain erected for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria.  Each year there’s a theme and each year the children at the local nursery make a crown or a hat for the lion.  This year’s theme is “Caistor goes Nautical” so the lion got a pirate’s hat. 

While I was there I watched the Punch and Judy with the customary battle over a string of sausages and I saw pirates juggling with cutlasses while balancing on enormous balls (not quite sure why pirates would balance on anything other than a plank but a bit of artistic license never went amiss).  There was a fancy dress competition and some singing.  But what there was most of all was people catching up with old friends.  I’ve not lived here very long but it’s one of the things here that I really enjoy.  Britain at its best. 


  1. How lovely, your not far from me at all are you? Bit of a trek for a jumble though x

  2. I haven't seen a jumbly near me since I don't know when so if I want to have a good rummage I know I have to travel.

  3. How charming! Our Bean would love the pirate bit -- she loves pirates!