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Thursday, 17 July 2014



Jack came yesterday.  You know that thing about I love work, I could watch it all day?  Well, I watch Jack and it totally exhausts me!  Jack is a grafter and he never stops.  He’s been coming to me for about thirteen years now, at first just to care for my (then very large) garden but now as a friend.   He can turn his hand to just about anything.  He was fitter’s mate when my kitchen was fitted and he built the raised bed in my garden.  He has decorated and has assembled flat pack furniture.  He has swept chimneys and pegged out washing - but not on the same day. 

Without Jack’s help my life would be a lot more difficult than it is.  I’m disabled and live alone.  I’m very short on close relatives and without Jack’s help my life would be far poorer.  I pay him but could never pay him enough for the difference he makes to my life. 

His real skill is in gardening.  We have our disagreements but the garden which he and I have created is fun.  It’s got the sound of trickling water, the smell of lavender, the taste of beans, the fun of the swing, and the glory of the colours – it appeals to all my senses!

There can ever be enough Jacks in the world.  He doesn’t just help me; he helps lots of other people too.  To all the Jacks of our world - thank you.

And as a thank you, here are two pictures taken from almost the same point but three years apart.  

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  1. What a nice improvement to your garden! And, you are quite right - there should be more Jacks in this world. I could do with a Jack, too.