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Friday, 16 September 2016

A Hundred Sleeps

Art deco
That's how long it is to Christmas.  

But it's 28 sleeps since I last went to Mandy to make cards so today was the day.  Just three cards.  But a very lot of talking!

The art deco background of the first one is die cut so there is interesting texture there.  The photo doesn't show the lovely sparkly papers I used either.  Shame about that.

Using sparkly pastes
The second one uses sparkly paste which is spread through a stencil. It's not one of my favourite techniques but again it produces interesting textures.
Framed poinsettias

Mandy had a lovely die which formed the frame on the third one and I wanted to have a go with it.  The background paper within the frame has "Merry Christmas" in a small font.  I then used another die to create the poinsettias.  I'm rather pleased with that one.


  1. The first card is my favourite- simple, not over embellished- and yet versatile. I am a less-is-more sort of cardmaker! blessings xx

  2. they are lovely! I need to get busy again -- maybe this weekend!

  3. I like them all, but particularly the first one.

  4. Once you start counting in days, rather than months it seems so short somehow. Love the cards put the framed poinsettias is my favourite. Take care.