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Saturday, 23 July 2016

Common theme

If there's one theme which runs through most of the (British) blogs I read, it's the weather.  According to the BBC  it's the nation's favourite topic of conversation.  I'm definitely a meteorological opinionist but if one more person asks me if it's hot enough for me, I won't be responsible for the consequences.  Just for the record, I don't do hot.  I can normally cope with cold but even my own home isn't a sanctuary from the heat despite through draughts, frequent showers and a fan which seems to be running non stop.

It's also a common bloggy theme but to be fair that's more about the lovely things people can do in this weather.  Watering gardens and gathering the harvest, watching the tennis and giving personal coaching via the TV, flopping out and doing gentle crafts, all these have their aficionados.
A nice simple card

Me, I favour doing as little as possible but that does make for a depressing time just before bedtime when I mentally re-run the events of the day.  Yesterday though was different.  I went to Mandy's and made three cards.  So here you go.

A little more complicated

I've slipped in a sheet of card to show it more clearly

and my favourite of the three


  1. oh LOVELY! And a great use of an extra hot day. It was a scorcher here too.
    The last one is my favorite also. It's just so sweet!

  2. Oh, I like those -- especially the little round one!

  3. I appreciated the card Mary. I knew how much work and care had gone into it - so thank you X

    1. It gives me enormous pleasure to give or send things I have made myself.