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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Guess who!

Hi everyone!  I’m back and not a moment too soon judging by the lack of attention to some of the gardens and houses of the people I visit.  Before I went to see my vicar friend I blitzed my daughter’s garden, dug mine over (which was hard as rock) and put in a lot of geraniums.  I got blisters for my labours.

On Monday I went to see a lady who just won’t let her hubby in the garden. She’d just come out of hospital after a major operation.  She’s not allowed to do anything for at least two and a half months.

On Tuesday I came to see the vicar.  I have to go through a sleepy small town and between 8.30 and 9.30 it’s a pain to get through it.  It took me 25 minutes to cover one and a half miles.  I had to collect some compost from a garden centre for my friend.  I arrived a few minutes before 9am which is when it should open.  I waited with someone else until it opened at nearly five past nine. When I got to the tills no-one was manning them.  They obviously didn’t want any business so early!  The young man who I’d seen outside was going to load the bags of compost into my car came and staffed the till in the end.   Well done young fella!  The till people should be ashamed.

I arrived at my friend’s bungalow.  Over the usual cuppa plans were made.  I did all she asked of me and some more. Her boss decided I should get wet – rain was on the way!  I struggled on to finish my jobs but my friend had the audacity to clear off for the day!  It was just me with a hook and two meat sarnies which I made for myself.  You can go off people.

Talking of menus, someone called Blossom suggested in the comments that I could have nut and bolt stew.  Well, thank you very much for your input Blossom!  If I had that for my dinner I would go off my NUT, get in a STEW and BOLT off home!!  (I’m only joking – honest!)

I see several people from the USA comment.  Well, as you know Mrs Jack has gone to Florida for three weeks.  I hope the weather stays nice for them and your countrymen are kind and look after them all.  I shall be going to see my friend a few times while Mrs Jack is away.  Maybe she will redeem herself by serving hook salad again.

Well, I hope you are all in the best of health and keep sending comments to Frugally Challenged blogs.  See I’m picking up the jargon.

 Smiling is infectious
You catch it like the ‘flu.
When someone smiled at me today
I started smiling too.

I passed around a corner
And someone saw my grin
When I looked and then I realised
I’d passed it on to him.

If you should feel a smile begin
Don’t leave it undetected
Let’s start an epidemic quick
And get the world infected.

Take care


(Alfred Lord Tennyson was from my county.  Maybe I will be Poet Laureate as well)


  1. Jack is a very special man in my life as well and had to put up with his tactics for nearly 46 yrs , just try not to over do it jack or Mrs jack won't b happy . love you

  2. A great post, that certainly made me smile. Beautiful poem.

  3. I'm clapping my hands for the young fella that loaded the compost for you and then helped at the till. And now a 'well done' for you helping your friend with the garden and suffering through hook cuisine :) I do love hearing about her garden!

    "Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu," that's certainly the perfect way to start a poem if you want people to smile. That got me real good. I laughed in fact.

    Great to hear from you again Jack.

    1. Actually Rivulet, I think Jack likes hook cuisine now. He brought his own hook sarnies with him - I've obviously inspired him!

    2. THAT is fantastic!!! HAHA!

  4. A great sense of humour and multi talented too - we all need a 'Jack' in our life!

    I hear you have been on a nice long holiday - I think you have brought a bit of sunshine back with you - the rain the other day was obviously for the benefit of Mary's garden.

    Re Smiling - I echo your thoughts. I saw this online which also made me chuckle

    'Life is short; smile while you still have teeth" Thankfully I still can!

  5. Ah, what a life with Jack in it. Love the posts and would really love to see photos of Jack's handiwork! These posts make me smile! And Jack, I am sure Mrs. Jack will have a lovely time in Florida.