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Friday, 20 May 2016

An exchange of gifts

Jack is here!  He’s planning another post in which he will definitely be rude about me.  Probably about how fast I whizz around on my trundle truck when I go to the garden centre, how much running around he had to do and how hard he has been working since we got back and I’ve cracked the big whip to make sure my garden gets planted.  Oh, and maybe about the decorating he did yesterday and the furniture shifting he’s done as well but I’ll leave all that to him.

He gave me rather an usual present.   With poem attached.  I doubt if you can read the poem in the photograph so here you are.

Here is a very special gift
One you cannot see.
The reason it’s so special?
It’s a gift to you from me.

You never must undo it
Always leave the ribbon tied
You only have to touch the box
To feel the love inside.

Whenever you are lonely
Or feel a little blue
Hold this box next to your heart
To know I think of  you.

I gave Jack a present too.


  1. Love the poem, such tender moments and friendships are hard to come by. You are certainly blessed with a great friend.

  2. Fun and touching gifts. A wonderful friendship - you are both blessed