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Sunday, 1 November 2015


  It's such an odd month.  I know a lot of people don't like it - after all it can be cold, foggy and wet, darkness comes so early, and the garden doesn't look anything like as good as it did just a couple of months ago.

But I love it!  It's the month when I get a lot of my Christmas thinking and preparing done quietly and in my own home. There's no sense of panic, just a joy in making things (or maybe even buying a few things!) chosen with care for people I love.  It's the month when the first chutneys have matured enough to be really good.  The first frosts mean that Brussels sprouts can be brought in from the garden.  Winter soups can be made and enjoyed with home made bread.  Sadly I no longer have a real fire but candles bring magic to my sitting room.  

It's the month of glorious fireworks and lovely bonfires.  There's the poignancy of Remembrance Sunday but even then there is the beauty of simple village remembrance.  I know too that across the Atlantic there is Thanksgiving to celebrate.

And it's a whole new thirty days of hopes and possibilities.


(Just in case you haven't guessed my Sabbath was truly filled with joy.)


  1. Thank you for the lovely post. November is bittersweet for me so this was particularly poignant.

  2. How much better the brussels and parsnips taste after a frost! Thick mist here, but can't complain as nothing like the terrible 'pea soup' smogs of my childhood. I'm grateful to snuggle down also; but hope to walk in the woods soon to see the beautiful colours before all the leaves drop.

  3. Beautiful post! November is always a really nice month here -- the weather is usually good and all that autumn has to offer is available -- such a wonderful feeling.

  4. We had unbelievable weather this weekend - so sunny and HOT that I took my grandchildren to the beach, near to Looe (Cornwall); we enjoyed rock-pooling and collecting shells, watched a couple of Hermit Crabs scuttling in and out of the seaweed - and sat at an outside table to enjoy cake and drinks. On November the first!!!! .Last week, my photos were of Autumn-coloured trees; this week of blue skies, heat haze and children paddling in the sea.

    1. Lucky you! I visited Looe last month for the first time. What a lovely town although sadly not easily negotiable on a trundle truck. I went to the sea front but not down on to the beach