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Monday, 9 March 2015

Trefoil Guild

I loved being a Brownie!  I was a keen Girl Guide and became a Queen’s Guide.  After that it was Rangers and finally I became a Guider (Guide Leader).  And I found it all wonderful.  
That's me on the left!

I enjoyed the games, the badges, the fun.  I relished the idea of being part of something.  When I became a leader I had a clear sense of giving something back.

But then I moved house, went to a new Guide county and although I tried to carry on, it just wasn’t the same and I gave the whole thing up.  That was thirty years ago.  (The picture was over fifty years ago!)

But now I’ve made contact with Guiding again, this time with the Trefoil Guild and I’m hoping that again I will delight in this aspect of my life.  Today I was at a small meeting at which we made some tote bags, next month a member will share some Thai cooking.  It feels good.


  1. Enjoy yourself- and make some lovely new friends! Do young girls wear socks like that any more?

  2. How wonderful, I too was a Brownie leader for some years when my 3 daughters were small. It was something that fostered some wonderful friendships.

  3. Are your Brownies the same as ours -- the group started by a woman named Juliet Lowe? I was a Brownie and my mother was the leader. She stayed with us until we "flew up" to Girl Scouts and at that point my interests were elsewhere. What a cute picture! Somehow I picture you as a brunette, not a blond. Very cute group of girls.

  4. Yes, it's the same organisation although we reckon the founder to have been Baden-Powell. I flew up to Gilr Guides but it's a dropping out point for a lot of girls. The hair is fair-ish but now well tinged with grey!

  5. Love the photo. I was never in Brownies or girl scouts so I haven't a clue what it all involves. And I'm not proud to say, I have no idea what you mean by "guiding"?

  6. The activity of being a Girl Guide is known as guiding, just as the activity of being a scout is known as scouting. General Robert Baden Powell founded the scouts in 1907 and scouting went to America in 1910. He founded Guiding as a sister organisation in 1910 and that was taken to USA by Juliette Gordon Lowe as Girl Scouts in 1912. She had met Baden Powell in 1911. She preferred the name Girl Scouts. Both movements are members of The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

    Girls can now join the scouts as well as guides here in the UK (ie the movement which was originally just for boys is now boys and girls but the girls's movement is still just girls).

    Trefoil Guild is for people who want to join with like minded women who were involved with guiding when they were younger and many are still involved in leadership now.

    That's probably more information than you wanted!

  7. Does your group sell cookies? Our Brownies/Girl Scouts are heavily into the cookie business. When I was in the organization we sold them too but we didn't have the same variety -- we had trefoils which were a shortbread type cookie. Now the favorite is thin mints. They are really good and everybody waits for "cookie time'.

    1. My Trefoil Guild group is very new. Last month was the inaugural meeting - in a coffee shop at a farm shop! This month I taught the others some bag making, next week someone else is teaching the rest of us Thai cooking. If ever we get off making things for ourselves (not that we're selfish or anything) we might try cookies!