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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Bobo is going home

Long time readers of this blog may remember Bobo the Bear.  He usually lives with my friend Alice but for nearly a year he has been staying with me.

Bobo before
I first introduced him to you back in July.     He was in a very sorry state.  The trouble was that he had been loved too much and as a result his face had been loved flat and his eyes, mouth and most of his nose had disappeared.  One arm was falling off, one foot had disappeared and the other was in a precarious state.  The loving had been a little inconsistent as at some time someone had chopped off his head and it had been very crudely reattached using blue thread.
Bobo now

Over the last few months I have, with great difficulty, made him clothes (click on the Bobo label on the side bar and your will find the complications involved) and have given him a prosthetic foot.

Tomorrow I am visiting Alice and will be taking Bobo back home.  


  1. How nice for Bobo to be 'mended'!

  2. he looks a lot happier now than when you first got him.

  3. Awe, Bobo! You've come so far.
    : )
    I hope he found his journey pleasant and his destination wonderful. I think his time spent with you added greatly to his years of much, much love!