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Friday, 13 March 2015

A small town in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire has a reputation for being very flat but I live on the Lincolnshire Wolds.  People have liked living here since the Romans set up their camp many hundreds of years ago but the heart of the present town is Georgian.  There are lots of lovely elegant Georgian and Victorian houses here. 

The Church of  St Peter and St Paul, Caistor
But before George 1 came to the throne or Victoria was even thought about, two public buildings were erected in Caistor which remain to this day. 

The first was the parish church which has an Anglo Saxon tower so it’s no Johnny-come-lately.  It’s not always snowy in Caistor but my cousin took this lovely photo.  Soon the church will be surrounded by lovely daffodils.

Just across the close from the church is the Grammar School  which dates from 1631.  Most of the buildings are rather more modern than this!  One of the school’s claims to fame is that Jordan Duckitt, one of the youth ambassadors who lit the Olympic flame in 2012 was a pupil here at the time.

And even more important – my mum was a pupil there long before that!


  1. Such a beautiful church and looking a real delight covered in snow. I imagine it will look stunning surrounded by daffodils.

  2. beautiful church and school. The school where I went to is as old as that one..........

  3. Love the pic of the church with the snow - absolutely beautiful!