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Friday, 31 October 2014


Fridays are very busy in my house as Friday is the day I get ready for Saturday!

Saturday is, for me, the Sabbath.  Now I am not Jewish but Sabbath is one of those aspects of Judaism which fascinates me.  At the beginning of this year I decided to make Saturday very special, not trying to copy the Jewish Sabbath but making a day to refresh my soul.  For me it is a day of withdrawal which I spend alone.  Sometimes that just isn’t possible but most weeks I can manage it.   And it is very important that my home helps me to feel calm.

So on Fridays I do most of my housework.  I am not very good at house work.  In fact, let’s be totally honest, I am rubbish at housework.  Every couple of months I pay someone else to clean the house through for me and I consider it to be money very well spent.  But each week I dash through with a duster and the vacuum cleaner, I replace the flowers and it’s the one day of the week when the bed is sure to be made properly.

I also make sure that I have done the preparation for taking services on Sunday.   My quietness tomorrow is not to be spent thinking about what I will say on Sunday.

I plan my meals so that everything on Saturday is really easy.  However, Friday evening is often a special meal to start my special day.  After my evening meal I will load the breadmaker so that on Saturday I wake to the wonderful smell of baking bread.


  1. Sounds wonderful, hope you enjoy your special day this week.

  2. Since we have started to babysit twice a week ( Wed eve to Thurs. eve, then the odd Saturdays) I had to forgo any special days. I have to cram a little special time in wherever I can, now. Today I`ve been busy re-shuffling the old wardrobe (summer clobber away and winter gear out). I`ve taken about 1 1/2 hours special time this afternoon to get on my bicycle and explore around the area, enjoying the prolonged warm and sunny weather. Apparently, it`s all going to change on Sunday. It was great while it lasted, though. Enjoy your special day!

  3. What a good idea, we all need a special day. It is all too easy for everyday to spent rushing around, catching up, doing the usual things. I think I need a special day :)

  4. Rubbish at housework -- yet another thing we have in common! This is a very interesting post, something I had never thought about but I think it sounds like a good idea. I definitely think Saturday evening should be spend getting ready for Sunday -- to go into Sunday in the right frame of mind.I am going to give this more thought.