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Saturday, 30 August 2014

They come to my table

Today I am having a lovely day getting ready to entertain guests to lunch tomorrow.  Four members of my extended family are coming and I am so looking forward to it!    I live alone and so normally eat alone.  When guests come I want to enjoy their company so I do as much as I can before the day so I don't get too tired. 

I've just set the table and that's a job I love.  I use "best" crockery and cutlery all the time as I don't want to be like my grandmother who was very proud of her complete tea service which she used only twice in the seventy years she had it.  I've collected Haddon Hall crockery since I was eighteen and I use the plates, mugs and dishes daily.  Many pieces were gifts for birthdays and Christmas

But as I put things on to my table I delight in the memories.  The linen tablecloth was my grandmother's and it only sees the light of day when I have guests.  The cutlery was a gift from two dear friends to celebrate my ten years of being ordained.  Some of the glasses belonged to my late sister and some to my mother and although I use odd pieces when I'm on my own it's when I have guests that I really enjoy using it.

There will be just five of us sitting down for lunch.  But far more have come to my table


  1. Sounds SO lovely! I hope the day is just filled with smiles and laughter and the yummiest food!

  2. I love to use special linen and china for friends. It is a way of welcoming them.

  3. How wonderful to use such beautiful crockery on a daily basis, I too use mine I don't want to hide it all in a cupboard. There is nothing nicer than a meal with friends creating wonderful memories.