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Monday, 29 August 2016

One of my favourite guests

I do like entertaining!  Opening my home to others is an enormous pleasure.  One of my favourite guests has been this last weekend and another is coming tomorrow.

My weekend guest was my little friend Jeanie, a sweet little girl of nine.  She's absolutely no bother.  She brings her own meals packed up and even brings a bed when she comes for a sleepover.  We rather enjoy having a cuddle in my chair and she has a little of her chocolate as a special treat.

Tomorrow's guest is male and considerably more gifted in years.  He's not here for a sleepover and we won't be having a cuddle.   He'll have me running around like crazy and the visit will be anything but restful.  Still, I think Jack will enjoy the sausages and the vegetables from the garden.

And each in their own way will be a very special guest

1 comment:

  1. That little gal is gorgeous! I bet you do adore having her. And that last part about tomorrow's guest, HAHA! I think you'll elicit many a laugh from this post. So fun!