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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Enhanced trundling

For the last eight years I've used a walking stick and for the last six I've used a mobility scooter usually known as my trundle truck.  Over the last six years I've made five applications for a Blue Badge and have always been refused.  Which is a pain.

I'm not sure whether the Blue Badge scheme is international so I'd better say that it's a scheme to allow parking concessions when a disabled person is using a car either as a driver or passenger.  Unfortunately it is often misused and Blue Badges are sometimes resented by able bodied people but when the badge is needed it is invaluable.

But it has now been decided that I qualify and today the longed-for badge arrived.  The trundling will get even better!


  1. We have a similar thing here, as well and requires a doctors signature. I am glad you have yours now and life will be easier.

  2. The blue badge makes such a difference. It's not only that the disabled spaces are generally closer to shops etc but because of the extra width parking you can actually get out of the car door! X

  3. It was essential when my mom was alive and I wanted to take her anywhere. I had a toddler with me and an elderly woman with limited mobility, so I couldn't really just drop her off, park, then come back. I'm glad you are received yours and the sense of freedom at getting access to places it will bring. It sure made it easier to enhance my mom's quality of life.

  4. I am thrilled for you, access will be so much easier for you. Some car parks give you extra time so remember to check each board as they are all different.