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Friday, 19 August 2016

The third Friday in the month

Once a month I go to Mandy's to make cards.  It's always a great morning out.  Mandy teaches us to make some wonderful cards and it's a good natter time.

I thought this card was rather good and when the two front flaps are opened it would be good for writing one of those short notes which can make such a difference.  
This one  also has an unusually shaped front made by folding back part of the card blank.

Something completely different here.  Lots of broken lines - a lacy edge to the die-cut orange frame and flowers and leaves which overflow the frame.  (Note the plate of biscuits in the background - essential for card making.  Honest.)

And finally my favourite of the four.  This was the most complicated to make.  The aperture was die-cut into the card and die-cut lattice work stuck behind it.  Some very shiny silver card is behind that.  The poinsettias are built up from several layers of die cutting and the greeting is also die cut.  Very lovely but very time consuming.  But it did mean I consumed only one biscuit.  Honest.


  1. Beautiful cards, always handy to have one that can be used as a notelet. The Christmas card is stunning, I have made a start on gifts but not cards yet. Take care.

  2. Found the page by typing in the title!! Thank you for your comments. Are you sure it was only one biscuit, although they were very small and moreish! Mx

    1. Mandy, how could you even suggest that I might have been naughty!

  3. Beautiful cards! Such inspiration! I have been away from it for a few days but need to get back to it. Great job, Mary!

  4. Beautiful; of course, I would do very little work and make a cut for those biscuits ! I don't think I'd be any good at that intricate work, especially that last one, it's a work of art !