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Friday, 8 July 2016

Making simple things super

Three of us always go out to celebrate each other's birthdays.  The "birthday girl" chooses the pub or restaurant, the other two pay.  

When I rang Jane recently she didn't want to go to a pub.  Midsummer birthdays can be celebrated with a picnic, she said.  She'd even provide the picnic she said.

No way, I said.  It's your birthday so Sarah and I will provide the picnic.

Then I regretted it.  Sarah has been hospitalised twice in the last couple of months.  She's not well.  So guess who would have to do the lion's share?

I made it as easy on myself as I could.  Most things ordered from Mr Tesco.  And delivered by Mr Tesco's lad.  Just a bit of cooking.

But presentation makes or mars anything.  To make things easier we decided to have the picnic in Jane's garden, a glorious setting.  I took my banqueting table and my starched table linen.  Plastic was banned from the scene.

Jane with Riot and Pandemonium, her cats
Even Jane's cats seemed to approve (not surprising with the wonderful fish we were eating!)Truly a simple meal was made super


  1. How lovely! Proper summer time eating at its best.

  2. The tart looks delicious and very special for the birthday girl.

  3. It all looks wonderful, such a good idea to celebrate with a picnic. Thank goodness you were blessed with the weather.