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Thursday, 3 December 2015

Not turkey

Christmas preparations include a lot of work - but they include even more pleasure!

Not for the faint hearted
Today I met up with my friend Doreen.  I've written about her before for we have been friends since I was in my twenties and we have never lost touch.  Another friend, Jane, also joined us and I have to say I pitied the poor waitress when we went out for lunch.  Now I have to emphasise that this was not Christmas lunch:  it was a birthday lunch eaten shortly before Christmas.  My birthday was actually six weeks ago but who's counting?  Anyway, the three of us went to a favourite eatery, favourite for me at least because they do the best fried eggs and I always have their gammon, egg and chips but seeing as it was my birthday treat I had two eggs.  As I say, who's counting?  When it comes to calories, certainly not me!

And I have continued to sew and think about the intended recipients.  I do like Christmas!


  1. Belated Birthday wishes. Not sure that I could eat all that but it certainly looks good and I would certainly give it a good go. Take care.

  2. Happy belated birthday! All food is calorie free for your birthday :)

  3. I hope you had a great birthday. That food looks lovely. I've not long eaten a bowl of porridge for breakfast but my mouth is watering just looking at that plate!

  4. Thank you. As I say, it was six weeks ago but a girl can celebrate for the as long as she likes. And no, I ate both the eggs but the gammon and chips defeated me.