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Friday, 4 September 2015

Bringing jokiness and leaving joy

He's been!  Not Santa - Jack!  He had hoped to come earlier in the week but today was the day.

My (solar powered) nodding flower died recently after over two years faithful nodding so Jack decided to remedy the situation.  He brought me not just a nodding flower but also a joggling monkey.

He worked like a Trojan tidying the garden.  We had the first of the cauliflowers, this blushing beauty. The outside of the curd was a lovely pinky shade which disappeared on cooking.  I've never had much success with caulis but I've got three this year. I shall pick the other two very soon as they may bolt.

We some lovely runner beans and potatoes from the garden with faggots for lunch.  I've got loads of beans to freeze as well.  I'm eating cherry tomatoes like sweets!
Sweet peas
Asters and nicotiana
And before he left Jack picked these two lovely bunches of flowers.

Truly he brought jokiness and he left joy.  


  1. Such a wonderful man, the flowers are beautiful and I did smile at the monkey.

  2. Jack sounds like such an amazing, thoughtful friend to have - a treasure. He seems to spread sunshine wherever he goes.

    Apart from the fruit our best crops have been tomatoes and runners too - a lot of veg disasters this year! Well done with the cauliflower - we have never managed to grow them to heart up.

    Our garden, despite watering, was scorched earth for months; now it is waterlogged (so much heavy rain) Every gardening year gives lovely surprises and disappointments! It feels like late autumn here; no trace of a mellow Indian Summer

  3. I have never grown a cauliflower. Yours looks superb, well done!
    So many people are saying the same thing about this years harvest. Weather maybe?

  4. I LOVE your blog. You my friend leave others with joy too.
    This post just makes me smile from ear to ear!

    1. Thank you. That was a lovely comment to greet me as I got up on a Monday morning.