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Thursday, 13 August 2015


I feel really ashamed to say it, but I'm bored. It doesn't often happen.   It's not that I have nothing to do - quite the reverse - but I can't work up any enthusiasm for any of it.

I fetched my sewing machine back from the sewing machine doctor yesterday and I've done an hour or so machine sewing but now my back aches.  I've got a stack of hand sewing to do.  I've cut some card for my tidying-the-sewing-room project for my other blog.  The ironing is threatening to take over the world.  The garden would be happy to see me.  So much to do, but I just can't motivate myself.

I don't want to spend any money because I want to save for my holiday in October so I don't want to just get in the car and go out.  My head is full of good ideas for my crafting and sewing stash.  The spirit is willing but the flesh is incredibly weak.  I don't trust the weather today so I won't go out on the trundle truck.

I shall come back here this evening and there are various possibilities.  I may just delete this post.  Or I may have found something fascinating to do.  Or I may have been to sleep.

Meanwhile I'm going down the garden to eat worms


  1. Oh you poor thing there is nothing worse than feeling lethargic, I have found a good book helps or a craft project on my knee and a good film. Hope you are back to yourself soon.

  2. I have those days myself and, in the case of my hobbies (cross stitch, quilting, etc) I am like on a permanent vacation. For us, I think we need a weather change. Hopefully the interest/energy will return with a little less heat!

  3. Understand completely, I think we all have those sort of days. I have lots of ideas in my head but sometimes I just can't even bear to to get the necessary things out to get started. Perhaps it's our bodies way of saying to take a break (or it could be age creeping up on us.. Heaven forbid!)