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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Sue  at had an interesting post yesterday called “Where are they now?”   The “they” she refers to are bloggers who disappear from Blogland without telling the rest of us why.  We’ve all got them on our blogrolls.  Sometimes I put an are-you-OK comment and indeed I’ve had one or two of those left for me.  We get to know a little of each others’ lives here in Blogland and quite apart from being nosy, we care.  Sue pondered why they disappear and I want to ponder the other side of the question, why people write blogs.

For some it’s an on-line diary either in words or pictures or both.  For others it’s a way of getting support or being accountable when going through difficult times.  Some have been through bad times and want to help others with similar problems.  Others want to share their love of something with anyone who cares to show an interest – it might be love of a craft or a lifestyle or a place, bloggers have posted about all those and many more.

So why do I blog?  My other blog, Frugally Challenged, is about projects I have which can loosely be defined as working towards the lifestyle I want.  That means I want to use the resources at my disposal, whether that’s money or time or capabilities, to create a glorious life for myself. 

This blog, Trundling Through Life, is a bit more creative.  It’s where I reflect on the things which are important to me, whether that’s my faith, memories of my childhood or just looking at the world in which I live.  Although I am writing honestly I try also to write creatively, choosing words and framing sentences carefully. 

Why do you blog?


  1. Its a bit of a mixture for me, a on-line diary of crafting/gardening/family events and an escape/support line when I am struggling with looking after my ageing/ill parents and husband who suffers from rheumatoid arthritis.

  2. Bit of a mixture here too. Our family is far flung, some in California, some in Oklahoma and our daughter in Japan and we want to stay in touch with all of them.
    And it's for me too as an online diary.

  3. I started blogging as a journal and also to write -- I have always enjoyed creative writing. It sort of morphed into a book review blog as well and then just sort of became a hodge podge of subjects -- sometimes even a rant or two. Somewhere down the line I discovered the joy of reading other peoples blogs and I learned that by reading and commenting on them, they would visit my blog and I liked that. I don't have a huge following but I feel that four of my followers have become more than my "readers" -- they have become friends. Who says blog friends can't be real friends!

  4. I blog because I love to connect with like minded folk out there. I also like to keep a journal for myself and hope to be able to give something to the blog world in a small way (ideas, advice, tips, frugal ways). It`s also very therapeutic to blog/write. I know that I don`t have a massive audience/following, but that`s the least reason my blogging. It`s the enjoyment of putting words and pictures on the blog that keeps me blogging away. Sometimes I blog nearly every day, and sometimes I will have a small break in between the times I blog.
    There is no compulsion as such, but something will always push me to continue in some way or other. Through other bloggers visiting mine I often visit theirs, so find new blogging friends, often discover new ideas
    for cooking, gardening, sewing or crafting. It`s good fun to connect with others in the blogging world.

  5. we are both posting about the same thing today! I blog so I have an online diary where I can look things up. I have made some wonderful friends these past 7 years and hope to make many more...........

  6. I blog because, although I do write some trivial things, I also write about people from the past - 'ordinary' people - whose lives I don't want forgotten. Sometimes life is so difficult I have breaks from posting, but tend to return as it can also be helpful for me to write.

    1. Lovely to see you visiting here again, Kentish Maid.

    2. They are very kind words. I faded away for a while, but each day needs to be lived well and it's lovely to be back.