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Friday, 20 February 2015

A lovely day out

I’ve had one of my favourite days out today.  I’ve been making cards!

Less than twenty miles from where I live there is a lovely lady called Mandy.  (She has a blog at  About once a month I go to Mandy’s house and join with a group of about five ladies and together we make cards under Mandy’s none-too-strict tuition.  I love going.  It’s a lovely afternoon out with congenial company and it sorts my birthday cards for the next month.  Today I went for a double session and here are the cards I made.


  1. I love the use you made of the anchor and compass rose stamps. Very bloke-ish. My favourite is the top right, dark blue 'birthday wishes' one.
    I haven't got things straight enough to do any card making since I moved - but want to get some done before Easter if I can. Blessings xx

  2. My birthday card is proudly displayed on my front bookcase with one other I've received. It's just beautiful. You are marvelous and card making.

    I think it's neat that you go out to do so with friends!

  3. Lovely cards! Seems you are very artistic as well as a great writer! Oh, I got the letter yesterday!