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Monday, 5 January 2015

A charming child

Today I went for lunch with my dear friend Bonnie.  We've known each other for over fifteen years and for ten of those years I was her pastor but regardless of any other relationship, we were always good friends.

And as always we exchanged greetings at Christmas but Bonnie did more than that, she said, "Come over for lunch some time".

So today, the last of the twelve days of Christmas, I went to her home for lunch.  Her lovely granddaughter was there for the day and she had decided that she would like to be our servant.  She came and answered the door to me and invited me to take a seat whilst she let the mistress of the house know that her guest had arrived.  She then disappeared and a few minutes later came to tell us that luncheon was served.  She was adamant that she didn't want to eat with us and would eat in the kitchen.  She fetched drinks and cleared the table (having refused to come until the lady of the house rang the bell to call her).  When it came to pudding though, she decided that it might be more fun to join us.

I've never been blessed with children or grandchildren and it is such a joy to have the company of the grandchildren of my friends.  When this lovely ten year old was a baby her parents brought her to my church for a blessing.  She continues to be a blessing.


  1. What fun, children bring such joy to everyone.

  2. It sounds as though this young lady will go far!

  3. I love children! This young lady sounds like a delight!