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Saturday, 15 November 2014

My Sabbath

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Fridays here saying that Friday is the day I get ready for Saturday.  Today has been Saturday and has been my Sabbath.  

It seems odd really that I value a quiet day so much.  I value it more now than ever I did when I was working.  It is the day I renew my spirit and listen to God.  There is no agenda although there are a few rituals. 

The house has to be calm ready for Sabbath.  It starts with a special meal.  Friday night is not the time for a scrabble in the bottom of the fridge.  It’s the time for something carefully chosen which may take more effort than my meals on other days.  Yesterday it was a lovely homemade paella.  The evening was spent quietly – no TV, just an audiobook and my knitting. 

After saying Compline and loading the breadmaker it’s off to bed, and I always turn the bed down early in the evening and leave fresh nightclothes to be enjoyed with my fresh sheets.  Often I put flowers in my bedroom too. 

Saturday I always wake with a smile on my face.  I know it’s going to be a wonderful day.  The house smells of fresh bread and the crust is for breakfast.  There is no question of a to-do list, I just do things which delight my soul. 

My Sabbath has now ended and I still have my smile.  I have no family to delight me, my health is not brilliant but there is much to delight in.  God is indeed good.


  1. Indeed he is, what a delightful ritual.

  2. I really like this routine and ritual you have. When the kids were little our Saturday evenings were spent in preparation for church on Sunday and then Sunday was spent at church, early, and usually family later. Now it almost seems as if it has become just another day. Need to think about that and do a few changes I think.